How to Pay?

At this time we only accept PayPal payments.

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Licensing and Update Policy

"Make Batch Files" licensing mode is "per user". E.g. each license is for one user only. You can use the same license key on 3 PCs that you own.

Updates (major and minor) are free for one year from purchase date. You need to renew updates subscription to get new versions when your current subscription expires.

Also there's an option to buy "Make Batch Files" with lifetime updates. It's more expensive than one-year license, check out the table below.

Pricing and Order Links

One year of free updates (minor and major).

License TypePrice per user, USDLink
Home License29
Office License49

Lifetime updates (minor and major versions).

License typePrice per user, USDLink
Home License59
Office License99

Return Policy

We offer unconditional 60-day moneyback. Contact sales department if you have any questions.